Plan your visit to Mumbai

Plan your visit to Mumbai

India has emerged rapidly as a luxury destination for international tourists who are coming to this beautiful country from various parts of the world. India is well-known for diversities in cuisine, traditions, culture, landscape and numerous other things, which can be rarely seen in any other country of the world. Here are some of the top things to do.

Things you need to know

Heading to Mumbai for business? Here’s all you need to know ahead of your trip.


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Where to stay

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Places to Eat

While Bombay Exhibiton Centre is home to many cafes and restaurants ideal for a post-event refreshment.

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Things to Do in Mumbai

Enjoy sensational sights, exotic restaurants and nightlife buzz in India's attractive metropolitan, Mumbai.

Mumbai in motion

The city Mumbai, know as Bombay until 1995, is a great port city, situated on the west coast of the Indian ...

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