Northern Lights Communications, borrowing from this unique phenomenon, is a media company that publishes EPC&I – a one-of-its-kind monthly magazine that focuses on construction and infrastructure development in the country. Rather than delve on the negative, it focuses on the country’s shifting rainbows, its growth story. 

It arms construction professionals and infrastructure developers with relevant information vital to their projects. It provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning on the challenges faced during the execution of projects. With detailed information on the latest construction techniques, new equipment launches, and reports on relevant sectors, EPC&I keeps construction professionals abreast with all the information that is required for the successful implementation of their projects.

The combination of insight and analysis from leaders in the industry, in-depth features and special reports make it a much sought-after magazine. It features thought-provoking and well-researched articles written by the top and middle-management professionals associated with the industry.  

With a clean, contemporary design, high quality printing and intelligent, incisive editorial, EPC&I is a must-read for construction and infrastructure professionals.