The expert’s opinion: Abhijit Pradhan on Project Management for the Indian Construction Industry

Developed countries such as the USA, Canada, Singapore or successful organizations such as IBM, Infosys, L&T etc. are able to manage large number of projects and deliver them consistently on time, within budget... Read more


Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project at Forefront of Indian Government’s Investment Plans

The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project plays a crucial role in the Indian government’s investment plans. An initiative designed to make fresh water readily accessible to poor areas throughout the country, the project aims to improve piped water supply and sanitation services through decentralized delivery systems. Read More


A Look inside India’s Smart Cities Project

India is the latest country to delve into eco-friendly living with the launch of three mega urban schemes across the country, set to commence in five months’ time. Amongst the innovative projects set to transform India into a smart, sustainable utopia are the Smart Cities Mission, Read More


India’s Sustainable Buildings Lays Framework for Green & Clean Future

As the building sector in India continues to grow, its notable contribution to the nation’s burgeoning economy is tangible. It is estimated that by 2030, the Indian building stock is expected to reach 100 billion square feet compared to the existing 25 billion square feet.  Read More


The Big 5 Construct India Hosts Free Workshop on Flood Risk Management and Urban Drainage Solutions

Questions of how to handle flood risk in densely populated areas are as old as many human settlements themselves. Since water supply has been a decisive factor in the search for adequate settlement locations throughout history, riverbanks and lakesides have become preferred living spaces. Read More 


Green Buildings & Sustainable Habitat – The GRIHA Way

As governments around the world continue to place a premium on clean and green living, it is undeniable that the future of our cities rests in our ability to achieve optimal sustainability, thus, the ability to function independently as a fully integrated “green” community, equipped with energy efficient technology. Read More


Shaping India’s Construction Sector with Skills Development

India’s construction industry is an important indicator of the development as it creates investment opportunities across various related sectors. Even though the construction industry has contributed an estimated 8% towards India’s national GDP in recent years, the industry remains fragmented, with a handful of major companies involved in the construction activities across all segments. Read More 


India Builds Big

The time is ripe to invest in India’s construction market, as more investment on urban developments will give the sector a boost over the next decade. Currently one of the most promising emerging construction markets in the world, it is now high-time to invest in India...  Read More


LEED in Indian Construction

As India’s construction industry continues its growth moving towards 2020, the country is working towards sustainable developments for its residential, infrastructural and energy projects. By embracing the latest environmental building... Read more


Introduction to Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Buildings

There are a host of methods currently in use in construction and development project appraisal around the world. The purpose of these methods is to estimate the overall total costs of a project .. Read more


India’s Use of BIM Modeling and Applications Set for a Boost from Construction Expo Seminar

The Indian government has successfully attracted capital for multi-billion dollar investments in its transport, energy, utilities and urban infrastructure. India's construction industry is therefore booming and set to continue growing for the long term... Read more


 Top 10 construction Trends for 2016

India's construction industry will continue to expand over the forecast period (2016–2020), with investments in residential, infrastructure and energy projects continuing to drive growth... Read more

India: Emerging Bigger and Better

The Big 5 Construct India is back for its fourth year running, positioning itself as the leading B2B trade show for the building and construction community in the country... Read more


Upcoming Hotel Projects in India: The Most Exciting Hotel Developments in Mumbai and India

In another decade, India will have changed beyond recognition. The government has concrete plans to increase its GDP by 25% after the construction of a series of ‘trade corridors’ that connect its major cities... Read more


The Latest Infrastructure Developments in India and Mumbai

India is showing a strong trend for its rural inhabitants moving to larger towns and cities at the rate of around a million people per month, all in search of better opportunities... Read more


Progress on the Smart Cities Mission in India

India is set to change beyond recognition and become the highest populated country in the world by 2030. The growing population of India is moving towards the main cities, giving rise... Read more