Looking to take your career to the next level?

Choose from over 20 CPD-certified workshops and conference sessions covering the latest hot topics including project management, BIM, LEED, business and market intelligence, sustainability, design and architecture, next generation housing solutions and cost saving strategies.


Each workshop is delivered by an industry specialist, sharing cutting-edge insight of an ever evolving business landscape based on real world experience from within the boardroom. Covering a sea of topics – all CPD workshops would entitle you to a participation certificate.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the commitment to lifelong learning. Employers and institutions across industries are increasingly adopting a more structured approach to learning in order to retain key staff and develop the skills and knowledge in the organisation to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage.

Why is CPD accreditation important?
CPD accreditation is important because it ensures that courses provided adhere to the highest educational standards and international benchmarks of quality and learning.

How does it work?
There is no fixed approach to CPD and different professional institutes and associations will have their own interpretation of courses and requirements. The majority set an annual target, which is defined by the accrual of CPD hours through attending training, seminars, workshops and conferences. These CPD hours are then converted to points, units or credits. It is up to the individual to keep track of their hours, ensure their CPD records are up-to-date and that the courses meet the requirements of their professional body or association.

How does CPD benefit me?
CPD benefits individuals by fostering a culture of continuous personal improvement, skills development and knowledge sharing. It helps to ensure that individuals are kept informed, up-skilled and proficient to change in practice. CPD-certified training, seminars, workshops and conferences are also a significant benefit to those constricted by time, resource and budget as they can offer an affordable, time-efficient opportunity to develop skills and knowledge.

All delegates attending a workshop at The Big 5 Construct India will receive a certificate of attendance. All workshops are free to attend, but places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Be sure to register early to avoid missing out.


Inviting top thought leaders, government officials and leaders from construction industry, The Big 5 Conference will feature panel discussions and strategic presentations discussing the challenges and opportunities of the Indian construction industry. More information coming shortly.