2017 preliminary agenda

A series of free-to-attend workshops complementing the ethos of the leading construction event of India, including a diverse set of tools from some of the most exciting case studies, powerful keynotes to captivating debates to put a spotlight on what’s new and relevant, address the challenges of construction and takeaway practical solutions for a better future of construction in India.

Below are some relevant topics, powerful keynotes and brainstorming sessions that we have lined up for our participants as we are in the process of finalising the workshop agenda. We will update the agenda shortly.

Day 1 - Thursday 14 September 2017


1. Leading the way - Women in Construction in India

2. Key trends to watch in India’s construction industry in 2017

3. What are the growth prospects by the Indian Construction Market?

4. Spotlight on the rules and regulations for the establishment of a business in India

5. Factors leading to the advent of Mass Urbanization in India 6. Impact of foreign investments and how it is changing India’s construction landscape

7. Progressive steps taken by the Government to improve the quality standards of construction in India

8. Leadership skills training for the construction employees

9. Introduction to Project Management and(or) Advanced level PMP

10. How demonetization is affecting the construction industry in India?

11. Emerging private investment in Construction through Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

12. Effective time management in construction

13. Dispute Resolution In The Construction Industry

14. The role of Project finance in Construction

15. Challenges & Awareness of policies and standards of safety in construction

Day 2 - Friday 15 September 2017


1. The Internet of Things : Making Smart cities a reality

2. Sustainable Cities and Smart Grids

3. A look into the ambitious 100 Smart Cities Mission

4. Connected Smart Lighting: Solutions

5. Integrated infrastructure planning applying digital technologies

6. Routes to Prosperity via smart transport

7. The first Smart City project of India – Kochi Smart City

8. The need for Urban mobility and planning in Construction

9. Case study on the Nagpur Smart City or Navi Mumbai Smart City Project

10. How Smart Technology is advancing the Construction Industry - An Emerging Trend In India

11. Spotlight on Mega Projects: understanding the complexity and innovativeness of the Architecture

12. Sustainable practices during construction

13. Smart buildings to smart cities: Improving efficiency and performance through technology

14. The growth and popularity of smart home features in India

15. Eco-friendly and Sustainable architecture is the future

Day 3 - Saturday 16 September 2017


1. Modern Trends In Design and Construction

2. Application of BIM in sustainable planning and construction

3. Machine vs Man - Technology trends in the Construction Industry

4. BIM integration in the structural design process

5. Coordination, Integration & Transformation through BIM

6. What is driving the HVAC market in India?

7. Case study: A Global Manufacturing and Trading Hub - The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor

8. Sneak peak into Constructing the World's Biggest Cricket Stadium – Ahmedabad

9. Need for Affordable Housing in India

10. Advantages of using Prefab/offsite construction methods

11. Understanding the tailbacks in implementation of Earthquake safety buildings in India

12. Innovations in building construction in India

13. Case study of Mega project: Narmada Valley Development

14. Advances and Innovations in Precast Concrete Technology

15. Present architectural capabilities in India and what the future beholds